Hayden Bradley’s Make-A-Wish Dream With The Sharks is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KTVU) – The San Jose Sharks signed a five-foot-nine 130-pound fighter who is just 15-years-old.

Hayden Bradley had open heart surgery less than a year ago. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation and the Sharks’ organization, Bradley was signed to the team. But it wasn’t just any contract.

We’ve seen similar signings like this before – generally a one-day deal. But Bradley received a three-day contract.  Saturday he got to skate out of the famous Sharks head at the SAP Center before the team hosted two-time defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins.

“It was so overwhelming,” Bradley said, who plays for the junior varsity coed hockey team at Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa.. “I didn’t expect this much – it’s been amazing so far.”

I LOVE when hockey teams do this. A couple days ago, the San Jose Sharks made Hayden’s dream come true by signing the 5’9 15 year old to a 3 day contract. Originally, Hayden thought he would only be dropping the biscuit in the ceremonial puck drop, but the kid actually got to take the face-off! Pretty decently sweet, oh, did I mention it was against Sidney Crosby?


Yeah, thats A+ stuff. Love seeing Haydens boys pump him up as he’s about to take a faceoff against one of the best hockey players thats ever blessed gods green earth. Another casual surprise the Sharks threw his way.

We always see videos of these type of events and I can’t get enough of it. It’s always cool to see NHL teams go above and beyond for their fans who need it. You watch videos like these ones and take a step back to realize that not every single thing in this world is a piece of shit. The news constantly is shoving controversial and deflating stories in your face, so isn’t it nice to see something like this? To me, it’s incredibly refreshing.

Not only did we get to see the puck drop, but Hayden wore a POV camera as he took the ice with the sharks and holy shit that is fucking sweet.



There’s about a 10/10 chance that if that was me I would’ve passed out. For one night, Hayden was able to really live the dream of a professional hockey player. It’s funny how they go from a semi quiet locker room and within 10 steps have cameras, lights, screaming and yelling just waiting for them. Also, how badass is skating through that sharkhead? God, I love this sport. The sharks do it and they do it well.

Author: Ked

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