Last Night Was A Rough Go For Keith Yandle

At the beginning of last nights first period between the Stars and Panthers, goalie James Reimer was injured stretching to the far post. As any defenseman would, Keith Yandle assumed that he was bumped, not knowing what really happened. To make matters worse, Antoine Roussel was around the area so Yands stepped in to defend his goalie and let’s just say, it did NOT go well.


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Fight or flight. I completely understand where Yandle was coming from. Roussel has been known to ride that line that NHL player safety has talked about (but has no idea what it is). As a defenseman, when you see your goalie laying on the ice in pain and some rat (I’d love Roussel on my team, but I also call a spade a spade) around the crease, you obviously think the worst. Having said all of this, wrong target Keith, wrong Target.


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Stay in your lane bud. You are a skilled puck moving defenseman, you have to know not to poke the bear. I admire your loyalty towards your goaltender but this video may or may not have ruined any street cred you had. Once the bear has been poked, for the love of god just hold on. Grab on with all your might and just hug it out. You may not have won the fight, but you also haven’t lost it / ran from it. As a fake tough guy, this is one of my favorite moves. The lesson to be learned is nobody loses a tie. C’mon now. Also, I’d give anything to hear the Panthers mic’d up after that “fight”. Yandle is a BIG locker room guy so the boys won’t be too hard on him.. or will they?

Author: Ked

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