Pittsburgh’s Tribute to Fleury was a Real Tearjerker

Marc Andre Fleury was met with a standing ovation upon his return to the Steel City on Tuesday. And though he was donning a black and gold reminiscent of the sweater he wore for most of his career, he wasn’t playing for the home team. While Fleury and the Golden Knights went on to lose the game 5-4, he truly was the star of the show. The man known as Flower is still beloved by the city and it’s fans, and for good reason.

Fleury holds basically every goalie record in the Penguin’s franchise. He is the all-time leader in:

Games played: 691

Wins: 375

Shutouts: 44

Playoff Games Played: 115

Playoff Wins: 62

Playoff Shutouts: 10

I mean fuck, the guy is 10 wins away from 400, and if he can do it in 13 games, he will be the fastest goalie to make it to 400 wins in NHL history, surpassing Henrik Lundqvist, who made it to 400 in just 727 games. He helped to bring Pittsburgh back from the brink, and brought home 3 Stanley cups in the process. He was, and still is the most entertaining goalie I’ve ever watched play, making some truly absurd saves through the years. And through the years, Pittsburgh fans were incredibly critical of Fleury, many floundered and jumped ship when he was in slumps and not performing up to snuff, and absolutely lost their minds when he searched for the help from a sports psychologist in order to get his career back on track. But it’s comforting to see that he’s finally getting the love he deserves from the fans. The Pens played a tribute video for Flower at the game, and good lord it’s a wave of emotion.


Thanks for the memories, Flower.

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