Clearance Rack Jock Straps: Hockey Players Guide to Finding A+ Deals

Alright Ked boss asked me kick off a new segment and hopefully you guys will like it. Some of you may or may not know that I am an absolute nerd when it comes to hockey equipment. There’s two things that get me stiff in life, a hard clapper from the top of the umbrella that goes right into my forwards gut, and some fresh new fucking gear. Maybe down the road we will have a Howie tutorial video of “how to” piss your forwards off, but until then let’s stick to the gear.

This new weekly(ish) bit will be about a dope deal that I find on the internet. I am going to try to keep it wallet friendly without sacrificing too much on specs and performance. I ain’t got money to waste on gear when you know damn well you need to be dumping money into the bar’s jukebox and hammering the Thong Song and Ignition Remix to set the tone.


You may be thinking to yourself, what the fuck deals you gonna snatch us Cooner?! Well sit back and enjoy boys because I will now comb the sites and save your ass some time, sort of. What will help with this is if you guys get more involved and throw the Morning Skate some requests for me to look into. For example, “Hey Cooner can you take a look at 85 flex sticks for righties, maybe kane curve?” Why yes, my dear dangler, I would love to look into that for you.

Give us some feed back, anything will help me out. I will start this one off with giving you guys a look at the gear I rock.

Prices are all what I paid for them, not what they are priced at or are worth:

Reebok Full Length Compression Pants $15

Nike Pro Combat Cool Long Sleeve Shirt $15

Bauer Core Low Hockey Socks (Tucked Under the Reebok Pants) $12

Shock Doctor Loose Hockey Jock (Orange, XXXXXXtra Small) $30

Bauer 195 Shinnies (14 inch) $80

Reebok Edge Socks (Black/Gold Pittsburgh) $25

Bauer Supreme 190 Skates (10.5D, Cut at 3/8, Tongues Flopped, Normal Laces the Bauer Ones Are Hideous!) $380

Bauer Supreme One40 Pants (Large, Black) $40

I do not wear shoulder pads, but my old ones were Nike Bauer Supreme One90

Bauer Pro Vintage Senior Elbow Pads(Large) $30

Bunch of different jerseys (Never a fucking yellow one)

Bauer Nexus 800 Gloves (13 Inch, Navy/Red/White) $60

Bauer 4500 Bucket (Large, Black, no cage or visor) $70

Wilson Clear Mouthguard(Adult) $1

True A6.0 Stick (105 flex, grip, lefty, TC3, cut about an inch, taped a little less than middle of blade to full toe, tape handle completely flat and about a foot down) $80

I use some free tape that I got about 15 boxes of a few years ago (White, torn in a little less than half because it’s the wide kind)

Wax is none other than Mr. Zoggs Sex Wax (Love blue or purple) $5

Tweet at us, let us know if you think I have good style, or let me know if I’m a pussy and need to upgrade. Hope you guys like this and look for Howie’s new segment called Clearance Rack Jock Straps.

Author: Cooner

Hey my name is Cooner and I am a blogger for The Morning Skate who sleeps with new hockey equipment. I hope you enjoy some profanity filled thoughts of mine as well as honest opinions and ideas about hockey and life. Hope to share some great stories and get some laughs.

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