#TMLtalk Trade Deadline: Doing Nothing is NOT an Option for the Leafs

Hey there everybody, I’m back with a quick look at what I think the Leafs should do before this upcoming trade deadline. I know it’s been talked to death by all sorts of media out there, like most things Leafs, but just thought I would add my 2 cents.

I think the team has three ways it can go.


Do Nothing and Stay the Course

Do nothing and keep the team the way it is and see how far they can go on there own. The pro in this is you don’t give up any assets the con is it limits the odds of the team having success because they are icing a lesser lineup then they otherwise could.


Acquire Assets

They could trade some vets to acquire some assets. And yes I’m talking about the obvious players like JVR and Komarov. Even in this scenario I can’t see them moving Bozak unless they get a C to replace him first. The thought is then you can take some younger players and plug them into those spots and go for a playoff run that way. The pro is that you acquire assets and give your younger players some playoff experience. Now whether that’s good experience or not is up for debate.


Go all in

The third and final one is the way that you hear most people talking about. Of course, I’m talking about moving a couple of assets to get an experienced player or players to help the younger core go for a deep playoff run. The pro is that your younger players have increased odds of going deep in the playoffs, the con is that you give up assets.

Now if there’s a fourth scenario that I’m not think of, feel free to let me know. Of course there’s always a possibility that they do a combination of a couple of these. For instance, move out players like JRV and Komarov and bring some other experienced veterans but I just can’t see that happening.

Personally what I hope to see is that they do something and not sit on their hands. This is a year when all of your core players are healthy and your goalie is on fire. I think you take advantage of this run and you add to help the young group of players. It may work or it may not, but you don’t know unless you try. Also this way, you show your layers that you have faith in them and that you want to give them as much help as you can to succeed.

Having said that, they would obviously have to be careful with what they move or don’t move. You want to get them some help but you don’t them to sell the farm either. As much as everything is clicking, I still think they’re too young to go all in. If you can move a second round pick and a decent but not your best prospect, you  do it.

What do they need? Well if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you already know. They definitely need a bottom pair RD. As much as I like Polak and what he brings, and I like Carrick (as a bottom pair) for what he brings, mostly, they need an upgrade. Even better would be if they could snag a top 4 guy but I would think that would involve moving at least this year’s first round pick. They shouldn’t be trading a first for a bottom pairing player.

Second of all they need an upgrade at centre. I hear a lot of people say a 4th line centre but I think the Leafs could do better. They could try to find themselves a 3C and move Bozak down to the fourth line. Then you have Moore for depth in case of an injury. I think Bozak would work well with Komarov and Kapanen. (And he has a K in his name too! 😉

Who’s out there? Well you keep seeing stuff about Mike Green but I think they focus more on someone who can be more defensive and kill penalties. I think if they don’t, Hainsey is gonna be burnt out (if he isn’t already) from spending so much time on the penalty kill and TOI in general. I like Hainsey paired with either Rielly or Gardiner, but then really cut down on the penalty killing time.

As for a C, I like either Brassard from Ottawa or JT Miller from the Rangers. I think the Leafs may have to trade their 1st rounder for one of those guys though. A first and Leivo. Something like that.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the subject after only three hours sleep last night and I’m on my second coffee. If you have anything you would like to reply with, feel free.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and have a good one. Don’t forget to avoid people with fake rage or are very easily offended, it really simplifies your life. Have a good one.


Cousin Eddie @mydogsnots


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