The Rangers Seal Their Fate As Papa’s Heart Is Shattered


Last week I wrote a blog about how important the New York Rangers upcoming two game road trip was. Apparently the Rangers didn’t read it because they played like they were on vacation. I could write pages on how infuriating it is to watch this team, but I’ll do my best to keep it to a couple paragraphs. Here are Papa’s gripes.

The defense. At this point Hank should on the verge of strangling the defense. If there is a scramble in front of your franchise player, you can guarantee that there is an open man waiting to hammer home a lose puck. It’s amazing at this level the defense still get as lost as they do. Granted, they are throwing out some rookie defense and their veterans aren’t what they used to be, but there has to be some sort of compete level. It’s embarrassing. Have a little pride in your play guys. Sheesh.

The offense. I’m going to keep this quick because I could go all day. Before I start though I need to state that I’m in full understanding that the Rangers traded away a lot of their offensive talent. It’s not an excuse. They cannot sustain any sort of offense for longer than a rush. This isn’t just about this weekend, this has been in the DNA of the Rangers all season. There is no consistency. You don’t need to be NHL all stars to get your balls over the puck, win a battle, cycle, and then throw the puck on net and crash. Muck it up boys. Get those grinding goals. It’s not pretty but it still counts the same. I won’t name any names but Vesey is worthless, absolutely gutless. I hope I regret saying that one day. Kreider and Hayes are the definition of inconsistency. They are big dominate bodies one period and then Casper the friendly ghost then next. Except for Zucc, you’re all a disgrace to the game.

The goaltending. Yep. I am going there. Hank is not without fault. I will cut him some huge slack and say that your service hasn’t gone unnoticed. I know stopping 50 shots a game is exhausting and sometimes you must feel helpless when your team doesn’t pick up anyone in front. BUT….please stay in the net. Hank is making a habit this season (maybe it’s because they are terrible this year and it’s more noticeable) of putting himself way out of position. There is no excuse for sliding way out of the net only to have stop and come back across an extra three feet to make a save. Keep your game tight. Stay in the crease. Eat the puck.

Papa. I’m at fault too. Just like a hot ex girlfriend who keeps running back whenever her ego is shot to shit, the Rangers continue to build me up and shatter my heart. I’ll always love them but holy shit are they bad for me. Last Wednesday I had them making a run for the playoffs. Today I have them never winning another game the rest of the way. Time heals all wounds Papa. The future sort of looks bright!


But in all seriousness, the Florida Panthers game was the definition of this team. Inconsistent play across the board. Everything I just wrote about you can find in that game. The offense all the way to Hank are at fault. They have a lot of issues and this rebuilding process should be very interesting. Final word….AV needs to go after the season is done.


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