Is Justin Timberlake To Blame For Predators Game 7 Loss?

It was brought to my attention last night that the reason the Jets and Predators had a two day break between games 6 and 7 was because Justin Timberlake was in town. I’m not going to deny that JT rocks, but horrible timing man. The Nashville Predators had all the momentum heading into game 7 at home. They won a huge game where they blew out the Jets on the road. But having to wait that extra day to play again may have hurt the Pred’s chances to step on the Jets throat. That extra day allowed Winnipeg to gather themselves, regroup, and forget about that loss. All Nashville momentum was thrown out the window as Justin brought sexy back to Nashville. Bad scheduling on behalf of Bridgestone Arena.

Now I know if the players were asked about this they would totally deny this had anything to do with their loss. But Papa knows that in the back of all the Nashville players head, they now hate Justin Timberlake. I mean look at that laugh. It’s like he’s taunting them.




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