Papa Is All In On The Vegas Golden Knights

Yesterday afternoon the Vegas Golden Knights clinched a birth into the Stanley Cup Final. They have proven everyone wrong all season, including myself. The Knights are now 4 wins away from their first Stanley Cup and this is leaving Papa shaking his head in disbelief. I’m not one of those “bunch of misfits” guys or a person who thinks “it’s bad for hockey.” I am in disbelief because this might be the most improbable run in sports history. At the end of the day this is still an expansion team. The synergy, bonds, and relationships it takes to not only create a Stanley Cup team, but to also win it can take years. I applaud the players for their efforts, but I don’t think they deserve all the glory in this magical run. The coaching staff and management deserve a lot of credit. The type of team they put on the ice is a perfect balance of what you need to be successful in this changing league. The Knights have won my heart and have my full support in the final round who ever that may be against.

vegas pregame.png

As a Rangers fan, I admit that a part of me wants the Bolts to win because of the first round draft pick at stake. Also, Tampa Bay has a lot of ex players from the Rags that deserve to win a cup. The numerous playoff runs where guys like Mac, Gi, Miller, and Cally sacrificed their bodies and blood to try and bring a cup back to NY will never be forgotten. But things are different now. What is now being faced is the most exciting thing in not only hockey history, but in sports history. Nothing like this has happened in sports before and nothing will happen like this ever again (until the Seattle Seals win back to back cups in their first two seasons). It is truly a perfect storm. scenario and it has been entertaining all the way through. I hope everyone can enjoy this Vegas run, even if you’re team is still alive, crapped out, or fell victim to the Golden Knights.

I hope I didn’t just jinx the Knights with this blog. But Papa has now pushed all of his chips to the middle and is all in. Bring the cup to Vegas. After the year the Vegas community has had, the efforts the players have put forth, and the knowledge and dedication from management, everyone deserves a Stanley Cup. I mean look at the Lambo. This team can’t do no wrong.

vegas lambo



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