Papa Made His TV Debut Last Night on Showtimes Billions

Last night I made my television debut on Showtime’s hit TV show, Billions. I now can consider myself a professional hockey player as I got to play a member of the New York Islanders. It was a long shooting day, but definitely worth the experience. The ten hours it took to film was the longest I have ever been in my equipment and I don’t plan to beat that record anytime soon. But for the opportunity to feel like a profession for just one day made it all worth it even though 10 hours of shooting gave Papa very little tv time.

I am posting the clip down below, but I wanted to say a few things. I want to shout out the Princeton Hockey players that joined in on the scene for a good time and letting me feel what it’s like to skate with some D1 talent. I might be 30, but I still got it. They could have probably used my grit and energy as they were ousted pretty early in the NCAA tournament. JK….but seriously. I want to give a bigger shout out to Papa’s Papa for giving him this opportunity. Very cool experience and finally I have some video evidence that I’m the best hockey player in the fam.

Here it is. Billions. Season 3 Episode 9 Icebreaker



I am team Orange. Top left skating down, then skating back up in scene 2 like a blue seeking missle for anyone who cares. Also I am the second fist bump that gets cut. Not too happy about it.

Also. Not sure if what I did was exactly street legal. But I am promoting the show so I’ll be sure to send Showtime a bill from Morning Skate.



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