It Took Less Than 3 Periods for Tom Wilson to do Something Stupid

On last weeks podcast, Hal and I joked around about who would be handed the first suspension. My choice was Tom Wilson. Why? Because I have a brain. Fast forward just a couple days and Willy is at it again. Let’s check out last nights hit on Marchessault.

It didn’t even take a full 3 periods for Tom Wilson to do something stupid. Now brace yourself because this might not be the most popular opinion.

I don’t think Tom Wilson should be suspended.

Was this hit late? Yes. Was this hit to an unsuspecting player? Yes. Did it look like Marchessault literally got hit by a bus? Yes.

Was this a hit to the head? No. Was the player injured? No. Will Tom Wilson be suspended? In my opinion, no.

The refs 100% missed this call and it SHOULD have been a 5 and a game.

But just because this wasn’t called means that you need to suspend a player. This hit reminds me a lot of what Brandon Prust did to Derek Stepan in the playoffs a few years back.

The big difference is that it wasn’t a hit to the head and the player wasn’t injured. That may sound pretty fucked up but the NHL DOES take into consideration whether or not that player got injured. If Marchessault laid on the ice for 10 minutes and then didn’t return to the game then it probably would be a suspension. Is that right? I’m not entirely sure but I don’t think it’s wrong to call it how it is. Was this a dumb play? Absolutely, but I’d be more upset about the missed call than I would be a potential suspension. All of you old time hockey fans might get exactly what you want to see. This series is going to be unreal and I can’t wait until Ryan Reaves and Tom Wilson inevitably get to tossin’.

Author: Ked

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