2017-18 NHL Season Wrap Up

The NHL season has finally come to a close and Papa took to the weekend to gather his thoughts and give his take on this wild season. As I took the time to look back and think about the season, three thoughts kept popping into my head. Here they are….


Papa Thought 1: I think it’s really cool AO finally won his cup. I came across a highlight reel of his this weekend and holy shit is he good. Not having a cup was his only knock because that represented his lack of leadership and his selfish tendencies with never playing a complete game. This guy is so gifted at the game of hockey, it’s scary. But the thing is about Ovi, is that his game was and still is so unique. He was physical, fast, and shifty. He could do everything at top speed and was gifted the greatest shot in NHL history. This guy may not have had his act together his whole career. But his passion for the game and for the Washington Capitals is second to none. With this being said, expect career lows next year. Stay away in fantasy big time!


Papa Thought 2What the hell happened in Vegas? The more I think about it, the more my head hurts. Don’t get me wrong. They had a great team and played a flawless system. They played their hearts out and lost to a better overall team. Again, after think about Vegas this weekend, I came to a couple conclusions. First, this team had a lot to gather around and play for. Being an expansion team and being let go by your former team must sting. Nobody respected you and everyone doubted the success of this organization as a whole. I think this is a huge result of an entire organization being on the same page and working towards one goal. Winning hockey games. This isn’t the only factor. The massacre that happened at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival on October 1 brought this community together. It sucks that it takes some horrible events to bring people together, but that is how it goes sometimes. Vegas is sometimes overlooked as a real city, since it’s so heavily depended on tourism, but this opened the eyes of the entire world. The Vegas Golden Knights belonged to a real community. The city united around this team and them around the city. What we saw this season was a perfect storm of underdogs, passion, and fight from not only the Vegas Golden Knights, but from the entire city of Las Vegas. Hopefully next year they can continue the deserved success, because it was great to watch.


Papa Thought 3The New York Rangers are so far away from a cup. This is so sad to say, but it’s true. I’m not going to tell you everything that is wrong about the Rangers because that would take too long. Instead I will talk about how King Henry and how he will never win a cup as a New York Ranger. First, he is too old to be a part of the rebuild. He makes too much money and it just isn’t feasible for him to be a part of this. The Rangers need to seriously invest in their offense if they think they want to compete in the near future for a Stanley Cup. After watching the playoffs this year, I realized how hard it is and how good you really have to be. There is a reason why the cups have gone to teams with all time legends leading the way. Hank has given the Rangers everything he could give. He has gotten this team further than they probably deserve. But it’s over now. His time to get a cup in NY has passed. Obviously I’m sad, because like Ovi, Hank deserves a cup. But unfortunately they Rangers are not built to win right now and him being a 37 year old goalie next year means he makes way too much and cannot play a full season and playoffs carrying a mediocre team in the upcoming years.

So those are my three main thoughts. It’s really sad that the season is over. The playoffs went by way too quick, but they did give us some great entertainment. Now it’s on to the draft and then everyone gets to bitch about how their organization is doing it all wrong!


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