PK Subban Should Come To Broadway

After listening to the Morning Skate Podcast and having a few conversations with some friends, it is clear that the only place for PK Subban next year is New York City. Not only that, but he needs to be the Captain. The guy is a natural born leader and deserves to be in a huge market in the biggest city in the world. He is developing a reputation that he is “too big” of a personality, which is what the New York Rangers need. Here are the logistics of what I think needs to happen.

PK Subban, 29, (9 million cap hit until 21-22 season) will come at a price. How much? Rangers should send the Predators Brady Skjei and a second round pick. In return the Rangers will get Subban and have the Preds retain a portion of his contract or maybe a conditional pick. If anyone thinks this is crazy here is my rationale.

subban hat
This guy was made for New York!

First, Brady Skjei, 24, (RFA) is a great player and will be for years to come. But, he isn’t a New York Ranger. I love the kid, but his Minnesota personality doesn’t fit New York City. He is a cheap player right now, with a ton of talent, and will open up enough room for Nashville to make moves for a free agent….Tavares maybe???? Brady will probably make around $4.25 million over the next 5 seasons. 4 goals and 25 points doesn’t exactly tell of his actual value. The Rangers had a terrible year and were big time sellers at the deadline. I think that will eventually be a bargain price for a player like Skjei. Also, if you think this isn’t enough for PK, you’re crazy. Nashville wants out of this contract so bad because they know they, can/need to, bring in more talent up front with all the depth they have on defense. Offense wins championships. Your defense and goaltending are your supporting cast. Nashville needed some more juice up front and their window will eventually close if they don’t make some moves right away.

Don’t be sad Brady. You’ll probably get a cup in Nashville.

Second, PK would be a great guy to build a team around in NY given the current climate. The third NHL black captain in the biggest city in the world would help create a positive image and will help promote the game. Hockey is such a unique sport and the league doesn’t do enough to promote it. PK was born for New York City and the New York Rangers. He can lead all this young talent that will be coming in over the next four seasons. The guy is a work horse. He is the face of a franchise and is exactly what the Rangers have been lacking since Avery was kicked out of town. (I’m not saying PK is Sean Avery, just that New York fans crave big personalities and both of these guys have it in their own unique way). Getting PK Subban also makes the Rangers a much better team. A power play with Shatt Dueces and PK would be deadly. I also think this move would allow the Rangers to go forward heavy in this years draft. Hopefully they can draft some young guys to build with and maybe be ready for a cup in 3 or 4 years.

I think both teams help each other out in this situation. Obviously this is all hypothetical and just an opinion, but it’s hard to argue that PK shouldn’t come to NY. Skjei is obviously a sign and trade type of deal, but I could 100% see this getting done. Predators already have a great foundation and is a desirable market for players. Also, Nashville already made it clear that they want out of the contract. With that being said, Rangers could certainly afford him and could really benefit with an emotional, motivated, and talented leader like PK Subban.


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