Pop’s Coming Hot With Taking The Sharks To Win Cup

I have been hibernating for the past month since it feels like hockey may never get here. I was patiently waiting for my entrance to the new season. It has been an odd offseason as my team is now a rebuilding team for the first time in very very long time. I’m not used to this mediocracy. But the coordinating of multiple fantasy leagues got me excited for the new season. The Pacioretty trade was meh since I don’t buy the Vegas hype…I think they will be a little worse than last year, but still solid. But then this afternoon the San Jose Sharks blew me away with a blockbuster move and I am now ready to embrace the new hockey season.

By now most of the hockey world knows that Erik Karlsson is a member of the San Jose Sharks. I’m not sure about any of you, but this is coming as a total shock. I didn’t even know the Sharks were in the mix. The Sharks are absolutely a better team now that they have the best 1-2 punch on the blue line. Two of the top 5 best offensive d-men in the league. This move certainly makes the Sharks one of the most exciting teams to watch in the league and since the New York Rangers will have a boring .500 season screwing me out of a good draft pick and the playoffs, I have adopted the Sharks as my 2018-19 team. To prove my allegiance to San Jose, I legally bet them to win the cup. $125 to win $2500. 20-1 odds. Let’s fucking go Sharks….it’s now the Sharks year since the Caps finally got their cup.

Thank you San Jose. This is exactly what I needed. I cannot wait for hockey to start!!


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