According to Hockey Reddit, The Buffalo Sabres (2-1-0) Have a Winning Record For The First Time in 458 games

Shoutout to /Dustmopper for this interesting tidbit. Now I am WAY to lazy to fact check this and there’s over 4.6K upvotes so I’m just going to say this is real.


I know I normally give the Sabres a ton of shit and I’ve always felt bad about it.. until now. They deserved all of that. How in the world do you go 458 games without having a winning record?  It’s like you purposefully have to lose. Having said all of that, good for Buffalo. I’ll never forget the days of Drury, Briere and Afinogenov wheeling around with no end in sight. Jack Eichel was recently named captain, Connor Sheary is scoring goals, Jeff Skinner looks like the player Matt Duchene should be and they have the next best thing on defense in Rasmus Dahlin. Hal and I have a bet going with Carter Hutton. I say he will win 20 games, Hal does not. The guy has 2 meaning he is 10% on his way to giving me bragging rights. With the Rangers being 0-3, the Giants being a clown show, the Yankees getting their dicks smashed in on TV right now, the Jets being the Jets, the Islanders being the Islanders, the Mets being the Mets, the Knicks being the Knicks and the Nets being the Nets, DARE I SAY the Buffalo Sabres have the most successful season of any New York based sports team? Only time will tell, but I know Buffalo loves to jump through tables, I know Buffalo has great chicken wings and I know Buffalo fans deserve it. 458 games man, damn. Time for some LBLs and Duffs chicken wings.

Author: Ked

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