A Laviolette Always Pays His Debts: Nashville Coach Loses Bet, Wears Bull Head Talking to Media

A Laviolette Always Pays His Debts! After making a bet with the boys having to do with winning two games on the road, Peter Laviolette was sporting a bull mask around after their 3-0 win against the Oilers. I guess my question is can you imagine any other league and a coach doing this? I get it, I wouldn’t consider this “major news” but if an NBA, MLB or NFL coach did this it would be on every sports network show with a ton of hot takes. Maybe thats another reason why hockey is the best? Laviolette is just paying his debts and I’d hate to hear Stephen A Smith ramble on about how this is somehow offensive.

The Predators by the way, are 7-1-0 and are CRUISING. This team is set up to be a perennial playoff team for years now. Last little tidbit: You might wonder why their logo is a Sabre Tooth Tiger. Tigers fossils were found in Nashville in the 70’s and the Preds wanted to pay homage. Low key one of the most underrated badass logos in the league.

Author: Ked

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