Shattenkirk Is Among Top 10 Worst Active Free Agent Signings

So after a rough two nights on the gambling side of the NHL, I needed a pick me up blog associated with how dumb the Rangers are. This article was pretty interesting considering two players on this list belong to the New York Rangers, but I’m focusing on 22. It’s always funny to see how much some of these mediocre third/fourth liners make compared to some the elite talent in the show. Here’s a link TSN article on the top ten active free agent signings according to TSN reporter, Frank Seravalli.


A few weeks ago I had a healthy argument with a good friend of mine about Kevin Shattenkirk. It was just after Quinn and the Rangers announced that he was going to be a healthy scratch. I said there was nothing more typical than an all star caliber player getting healthy scratched on the Rangers. I said I would have never paid that kind of money for a d-man who never had to be “the guy” on any of this teams. If you think about it, the Blues d-core was run through Pietrangelo and when he went to Washington, he was walking into Carlsson’s d-group. It’s not a bash. A lot of guys flourish without the pressure of having to be the go-to guy and leader. Everyone has their role and I just thought Shattenkirk’s role was always a number 2 defenseman that can help beef up offense through your second pairing.

Coming to New York is a different animal and I knew Shatt Dueces would struggle with having to lead this team. My evidence was based on the fact that I’ve seen this story a million times. Boyle and Yandle are perfect examples of defenseman coming to New York and finding out that there is such thing as media/fan scrutiny and external distractions with living and playing in the Big Apple. In Dueces defense, he did get hurt and missed a huge portion of the season last year. But now there are no excuses and it’s time for him to prove me wrong. Yes, I’m putting myself on the forefront of this debate. So many stars pass through NY and under achieve here and Papa is sick of it.


Now, a part of the argument was that he was going to make that money anywhere else, which is not what I was arguing. I said if I was a GM I would not have signed him because of the amount of money he got was not worth the output he would have here in NY. I know the Rangers are in a rebuild, and I know the money really doesn’t matter now, but at the time it was a bad contract for the Rags.

Over the last few weeks I have gotten mixed feelings from Rangers fans about Shattenkirk. Some love him and some are underwhelmed by his performance thus far. I just think he now is in the realm of a trade piece, because having him as a healthy scratch and telling the media he doesn’t feel like himself is a bad look on the younger guys. What player can lead or teach when he doesn’t feel right/getting healthy scratched because he “lacks urgency?” Also, for those that think he’s God’s gift to the blue line, trading him will only help our chances of getting Hughes. And we need all the help we can get with the Red Wings being a complete dumpster fire.

So please let me know how you feel about 22. I do think that no matter how you feel, trading him will be the most beneficial scenario for the Rangers organization going forward.


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