Chicago Blackhawks Fan Wins Halloween

Link to article.

How badass is this? Luke Fanella being in a wheel chair or scooter does not hold him back on having the best halloween costume of the year. Shoutout to Lukes Uncle who helped make this from scratch, a job well done. I wish I was this creative and had the ability to execute on things like this. This kid is so damn cool, I mean check out this quote.

“Fulfill your dreams, try your best, try your hardest. If any kids try to bring you down, just don’t listen to them. Live your life to the fullest, and don’t let your disability bring you down,” he said, adding, “When I’m out there trick-or-treating, I just forget about my disability in general and just act like a regular kid, like I’m just a regular kid out there for candy.”

Fulfilling dreams and crushing candy. This kid gets it.

Author: Ked

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