My Solution to the Nylander Contract Situation

Hey everybody I’m back for a quick look at the Nylander situation and how it can get resolved for both sides. This isn’t about trading Nylander or what he should get in terms of a long term deal, or even a traditional bridge deal,  but rather how to take care of business right now. I think this may be a way of alleviating any concerns for Nylander about signing a team friendly deal to only to get traded down the road.

So the plan:

Get Nylander signed for this season on a one year contract. The Leafs have tons of cap space so they can easily give him 5 million for this one season. When the season is over, they can then negotiate with all three at once to try to hit a cap number that works to build a team around them. If all three players are as committed to the team as they say they are, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Just using Pittsburgh’s four highest paid players, their combined salaries come to 32,250,000. (Malkin,Crosby, Letang, Kessel) Considering there have been a few cap increases since many of those deals were signed, let’s say the Leafs target is 38 million for their 4 highest paid players. They already have Tavares signed for 11 million, so that leaves 27 million to be split between Matthews, Marner and Nylander.

Just using some numbers (not saying that’s what these players will be signed for) they could give Matthews 12, Marner 8 and Nylander 7. They could even signed all three to the same term if they wanted. My point is they’ll have plenty of cap space to sign all three to more money than the probably should get anyway. (insert troll emoji)

Anyway, just thinking out loud I guess. I’m not against Dubas having Willie sit out the year to send a strong message to the rest of the players, but obviously the team is better with him in the lineup.

I’m sure if you were going to be a dick about it, you could poke a lot of holes through this. Just thinking out loud. By the way, I’m not a real GM, I just play one on The Morning Skate. 🙂 (I’ve only written two pieces this season and they’ve both been about Nylander.)

Peace and keep it real.

P.S. My apologies if someone else thought of this before me.


Happiness is pretty simple: someone to love, something to do, something to look forward to.” – somebody pretty darn smart

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