Voracek Responds To Uber Driver Recording

I’m sure by now everyone is sick of talking about the incident involving four Ottawa Senators players being recorded in the Uber last week. Duchene, Wideman, Tierney, and Chabot were all recorded bashing the coaches, penalty kill, and power play. They also made some comments about teammates and Duchene even mentioned how he hasn’t paid any attention in any meetings for three weeks. Now this shouldn’t be a surprise coming from a team that has had a roller coaster type season thus far, but this was a scum bag move.

I will say that this Uber driver is a complete asshole for what he did because it was a low blow to those in his Uber, but nobody has responded better than Jakub Voracek of the Philadelphia Flyers. His response to NBC Sports Philadelphia is below.


“I guarantee that every single person who has a boss, every sports team in the world can guarantee it happens everywhere, And I can guarantee that the coaches behind the door talk about the players. It happens everywhere all the time.”

“You go out for a beer, you go out for dinner, it happens. The coaches vent about the players when they go out to dinner about who (expletive) sucks, who’s playing bad, who’s playing better. It happens everywhere. So now it comes out, they’re making a big deal. I don’t think they said anything bad, just that their PK and their PP sucks.”

“Who gives a [expletive]? He’s a [expletive] idiot. Do your job,” Voracek said. “You’re an Uber driver, drive cars. Don’t try to sell copies to make some money. Get the [expletive] out of here. You know what I mean? He’s a loser.”

It’s actually nice to see the hockey community come together after this incident because everything Voracek said is 100% true. This isn’t just about the Ottawa players, it’s about everyone. We all have moments where we need to vent and that is exactly what every adult, including young NHL players do after a few bad days. So a stick tap for Jakub here for perfectly expressing what most people feel about this incident.

Also the Sens came about and whooped up on a trolling (image below) Devils team the next game, so this probably ended up bringing this team together.



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