Bad Boy Bertuzzi Will Likely Face Suspension For Sucker Punch On Calvert

Detroit Red Wings forward, Tyler Bertuzzi, will likely face some discipline from the NHL Department of Player Safety after last nights loss to the red hot Colorado Avalanche, 2-0. If you haven’t seen the incident, click on the link below to watch. After a hit along the Detroit bench, Calvert’s stick is clearly held by multiple players on the Detroit bench. Once Calvert jabs back, Bertuzzi unleashed a couple sucker punches that were probably uncalled for. I could be wrong, but I don’t think any penalties were called on the play.

Last nights game brought back so many memories of the rivalry that once existed between these two teams. If you didn’t see the game, go and watch the highlights right now. It was awesome. There were fights, some very clean body blows, and the star players (MacKinnon and Larkin) were both playing like animals and even getting in each others faces. Bertuzzi was of course a mad man, dropping the gloves with Cole after he stepped up on Athanasiou and even chopping at the goalie while trying to find a rebound. For a 2-0 (ENG) game it certainly felt like the energy of a 5-4 match or even a playoff game. Unfortunately the Avalanche and Red Wings don’t play again until March, but I will certainly keep that game in mind for the Spring. Hopefully playoffs are on the line for the Wings and the Avs are fighting for better position because I certainly want to see a meaningful rematch from these two. Thanks for bringing back the glory days of rivalry. I’m sure Bettman will try to cancel this game or something. Asshole.

These games were must watch hockey.


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