The Edmonton Oil Kings Teddy Bear Jersey Is Mind Bending

beaver front.jpg

The other night, the Edmonton Oil Kings revealed their alternate jersey for their annual Teddy Bear Toss game. I know a lot of the major junior and minor league teams wear crazy jerseys to help with promotions and get fans in the seats, but holy crap these jerseys are trippy. It might be just me, but they legit look like a teddy bear. It could be the way the fur is printed on the jersey, but these are legit as fuck. I guess these jerseys were then auctioned off to raise money for Santa’s Anonymous, an organization that raises money for Christmas gifts for the underprivilidged. There is no official count yet of the bears, but it is supposedly over 14k which is crazy but nowhere near the amount seen at the famous Hershey Bears game.

Here’s a link below to the 2018 Hershey Bear Teddy Bear Toss. They set the record with 34,798 bears thrown! Word on the street is that the Carolina Hurricanes will be in full bear costume in some upcoming, you know, because the game needs to be more fun.


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