Max Domi Puts Zack Smith in a Verbal Body Bag, “Waivers..Waivers”

Earlier this year in the midst of all the drama, the Ottawa Senators put Zack Smith on waivers in hopes that a team would pick up his contract. After he cleared, the Senators brought him right back up and this situation became news. Fast forward to Tuesday and Max Domi let him know about it.

How do you bounce back from this? Stick him where it hurts

I admire Zach Smiths response. There is literally nothing Smith could say back to Domi that would be as effective. This is like when you and your buddy are bantering busting balls and then all of a sudden he tells you that your fat, that your girlfriend cheats on you and that your parents don’t love you. Instead of calling him an asshole or a dick, you slug him.


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