The Charlotte Checkers of The AHL Are Going With Individual Goal Songs

I love when minor league hockey does things like this because you never know what kind of stuff you’ll be seeing. Just a few weeks ago we were talking about relegation and playoffs and now we’re talking individual goal songs. Much like walking to the plate at a baseball game, players on the Checkers will be able to choose what song they want going off after a goal.

I myself have mixed reviews on this. I’ve always loved the Rangers goal horn, classic. I used to love the Devils goal song Rock and Roll part 2, even though Gary Glitter is a scum bag. Chelsea Dagger in synonymous with Chicago. A goal song in the NHL is an opportunity for fans to really come together with their team.

Having said that, when I used to play baseball and we were allowed to pick our walk up songs I got so giddy. I’d have a different song pretty much every game and it was awesome. Hockey would be different because lets get real, you’re not scoring every game unless your Austin Matthews. However, it would be pretty cool to be able to pick and choose.

This song.

This song.

And this song.

What do you guys think? You for it or against it? I’m good for this being in minor hockey but I like tradition in the NHL. Because I said that, It’ll only be a few weeks before the Hurricanes probably do something like this.

Author: Ked

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