Brad Marchand Playing Knockout is Exactly What You’d Expect it to be

Hahaha, classic. I love the reaction from the teammates. The “Ohhhh, yeah saw that one coming.”


Of course Marchand is going to send Krugs shot to Timbuktu. Why? Because winners do everything they possibly can to win. To everyone who hates on this move and says this is cheating, take a lap. There is no way in hell that you have never done this in a game of knockout, especially if you’re a hockey player. I would say hockey players are the worst basketball players on the planet but I would also say they are a different breed of athlete that will do whatever they need to do to win. Brad Marchand evaluated the predicament he was in and acted on it. Guy is a cerebral assassin. Stuff is laugh out loud funny.

Author: Ked

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