Colorado First Line Has More Points Than All of LA Kings Forwards Combined

Per hockey reddit:

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 9.56.53 AM.png




These three are outscoring an entire teams NHL forwards and it’s almost Christmas. This line is so damn good because each player serves an important role.

Gabriel Landeskog

Your meat and potatoes guy. If need to dump the puck, this guy will go in and get it. He’s big, can skate and is fearless. He was named captain at the age of 19, 11 days earlier then Sidney Crosby. As talented and important MacKinnon and Rantanen are, Landeskog is the glue guy.

Nathan MacKinnon

Watched a game the other night where is stick handled the puck into the zone and skated around the entire sheet twice before moving the puck. His feet and hands are equally fast and his knack for finding open ice is insane. Electricity wise, outside of McDavid, MacKinnon is as close to must watch in the NHL as there is.

Mikko Rantanen

Mikko Rantanen is literally the most perfect support player my eyes have seen in an incredibly long time. Is he talented? Yes for sure, but he compliments MacKinnon and Landeskog better than probably any other player in the league could. He’s an incredibly smart player and is very good to excellent in every single aspect of his game. 22 years old, 6’4, kid has the world by the balls.

I always favored the Avs over the Wings back in the rivalry days. Something about the big bad Avs with the dark purple and blue that got the kid going. I wish my team had any one of these players, let alone all 3. Fucking Rangers..

Author: Ked

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