Papa Is Taking All Of Ked’s Picks Tonight, And You Should Too

Last night Ked joined the Betting Crashers on their podcast. I’ll admit that the boss was certainly a rookie to gambling, but by the end he was starting to develop those degenerate ways. But anyways, as welcome to the gambling world, I am tailing all of Ked’s picks for the night. Here they are…

Note: ML: Moneyline means straight up winner. 3way means that the team must win in 60 minutes. No OT allowed.

Flyers ML -110

Panthers ML +180

Red Wings ML +180

Ducks ML +135

Penguins ML -115

Lightning -120

Coyotes ML -125

Canucks ML -115

Sharks ML -140

Blue Jackets 3way -120

Stars 3way -130

Golden Knights 3way -140

Good luck to all! Also if you want to learn more about gambling or have questions about gambling hit the boys up on twitter @bettingcrashers.


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