Ranking NHL All Star Sweaters

With the all star game coming up I began thinking to myself what were some of the best all star jerseys I’ve seen. A quick Google search brought me to nhluniforms.com and JACKPOT here we go. A couple interesting tidbits before I give you my top 3 jersey sets.

  • Had NO idea that the NHL All Star jerseys were practically the same from 1973-1991. I didn’t know that the Orange, Black and White were a staple of NHL All Star games.
  • IMO the jerseys really start to go downhill from 2015-on. While the NHL is trying to cater to a Millenial demographic, sometimes less is more.
  • The first all star game jerseys were worn during the Ace Bailey Benefit game, which was before the all star game. 1934, what a year.

Keds Top 3 All Star Uniform Sets


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 1.46.06 PM.png

Of course I picked the teals and the purples. These jerseys reek “SAVE BY RICHTER”. I love how whoever created this thought of using the shape of a star in the jersey, probably thinking he or she was being very clever.


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 1.46.15 PM.png

These are so so so nice. Very simple color swap, making both jerseys look ever so clean. Love the stars on the pants and would pay serious coin for one of those bad boys. Might have to design the next Morning Skate sweaters in this fashion.


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 1.45.59 PM.png

North America vs. The World was a great idea.  Looking at these, you can just tell that there is going to be international play. Tony Amonte and Dominic Hasek, Jesus Christ, I’m getting old.

Honorable Mention


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 1.46.24 PM.png

I mean, these are hysterical. Someone got a little bit too star happy and went to town on these. Still, would.

You can find all the All Star Jerseys sets here. What are some of your favorites?

Author: Ked

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