Betting Crasher’s HOT Weekend Picks

The boys are red hot this week. Papa is 9-4 and Chambsy is 5-2. Looking real strong with some big time unit movement.

Remember to follow @bettingcrashers on twitter for official plays for the weekend. If you’re new to NHL gambling or just want to shoot the shit, hit us up anytime.

Let’s get right into it.

Friday Send It

Friday is always about the full send…..

Papa: Jets….Penguins….Flames….Hurricanes

Chambsy: Red Wings….Hurricanes….Penguins….Flames


Note: Not all lines are out and some of these picks could vary pending on previous games, news, and starting goalies. Follow @bettingcrashers for official plays.

Papa’s Dog: Saturday 1pm, Philadelphia Flyers at New Jersey Devils: Flyers ML

Papa’s Favorite: Saturday 10pm, Ottawa Senators at San Jose Sharks: Sharks 3way

Papa’s Under: Saturday 7pm, Boston Bruins at Toronto Maple Leafs: Under 6

Chambsy’s Dog: Sunday 6pm, New York Rangers at Columbus Blue Jackets: Rags ML

Chambsy’s Favorite: Friday 7:30pm, Buffalo Sabres at Carolina Hurricanes: Canes ML

Chambsy’s Under: Saturday 7pm, Tampa Bay Lightning at Buffalo Sabres: Under 6

Weekend Parlay

Parlays are so naughty….

Papa’s Parlay: Flames, Jets, Blue Jackets

Chambsy’s Parlay: Oilers, Sabres, and Devils

-Papa and Chambsy


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