Sean Avery Instagram Is A Must Follow

For those of you on Instagram and not following Sean Avery, you’re wasting your life. This guy is must follow. The bad boy of the hockey world is continuing his role on the streets of New York City and it is amazing.

avery scoot.png

Avery is constantly riding around on his bike and playing the role of the vigilante that New York City needs. A real life Batman. His Instagram stories are awesome for two reasons. First, it’s Sean Avery and anyone who got to see him play, knows that this guy is here to stir the pot. His insults and condescending tone are exactly why everyone hated this man. It’s perfect. Second, he is 100% right when he goes after the people in his stories. If you don’t live or work in the NYC area, you’ll never truly understand the chaos that this city exists in. It’s lawless and people are everywhere, doing their own thing at their own convenience. That’s until Mr. Avery comes strolling down your block. Your bullshit doesn’t fly with him and he will let you know. New Yorks Finest can’t be everywhere at once. The city needs a Sean Avery and needs more people like him to step up and tell these assholes that there are rules and general decency that must be brought back to the streets.


So I want to take this opportunity to thank Sean Avery and let everyone know that this account is a must follow and his stories make it 100% worth it. Thank you Sean.


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