Canucks Roussel Gets Last Laugh

Last night the Vancouver Canucks hosted the Detroit Red Wings. With a 2-2 game happening in the third, Antoine Roussel of the Nucks gets a breakaway attempt and absolutely flubs the shot. I mean the puck looks like a damn beach ball coming at the goalie. It’s hard to see if the puck goes up on edge, but its a tough look regardless.

After the save, both Bertuzzi and Athanasiou skate by Roussel and start laughing at his breakaway attempt. Looking back now, they both probably wish they kept their mouth shut because on Roussel’s very next shift he gets a beautiful tip in off a Virtanen shot to give the Canucks the game winning goal. And boy oh boy did Roussel feel good after that goal. He celebrated like a game 7 playoff clincher and certainly let the Red Wings bench know he scored. Call it whatever you want, redemption or revenge, it certainly makes for a funny turn of events.

Check out PhenomenonYT’s Reddit video that perfectly captures the entire storyline…


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