Sharks Are Starting To Get Their Act Together

It seems like yesterday that we all heard the news that Erik Karlsson was heading to San Jose. No longer than 15 minutes after that news broke Papa had his future bet in for the Sharks to win the Stanley Cup. At the time I felt great about the bet, but after the first few months of the season I felt like I personally fucked any chance of this team winning a round come playoff time.


But recently the San Jose Sharks have found some momentum and chemistry. They are 8-3 in their last 11 games and have a home record of 17-4-4 this season. This team is red hot and the dynamic duo, Burns and Karlsson, are giving us the type of play that we waited all season for. Jones has been solid in net and needs to step up come playoff time. The Sharks won’t always be able to score their way out of games, so it will be vitol for him to play his very best.

As for the forwards, they have been solid. Some inconsistency at times, but overall very good. Kane is starting to find the back of the net more and Pavelski is just doing Pavelski things. After a slow start and a drop from my fantasy team after two weeks, Joe is looking at a 40+ goal season. Hertl, Couture, Meier have also been playing very well this season. I still think this team needs to buy another forward to help add depth up front and maybe add some more speed come playoff time.


Overall, I am happy to see these guys start to come alive. The playoffs are always a crapshoot so who the hell knows. The only thing that is certain is the playoffs will be one hell of a ride for us fans. Right now, the Sharks sit at +1500 to win the cup. Very good odds for a team that looks like they are true contenders.

-Papa Whales

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