The Calgary Flames Mascot….Whoa!?!

As a Rangers fan growing up, mascots just didn’t exist. I knew teams had them, but I definitely never gave them two seconds of thought. The Jersey Devil and I think the Blue Jackets blue jacket were the only two I knew of, but the picture of the entires league mascot blew my mind. Gritty of course came into the league this year and took me by storm, but the Flames mascot deserves to be recognized. This thing is a beauty. It looks like they borrowed it form a Chuck E. Cheese back in 1992!

…Also if everyone in the world knew this already I apologize for being an idiot and wasting everyones time.

Look at that tongue!
How does Calgary not win every home game?
Those eyes…

The tongue, the eyes, the old lady sun hat…the whole get up is an A+. Someone tweeted at me that this is the oldest mascot in the league. Don’t ever change Flame dog. Don’t you ever change!

This guy is honestly what I thought Calgary would have…awesome as well.

Go Flames!


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