Follow Kompany39 On Insta For A Behind The Scenes Look At The NHL All Star Game

A couple months ago TMS had the founders of Kompany39, Joey Diamond and Matt Fornataro, on the podcast. These guys were awesome. So many stories to tell about their playing careers, the podcast could have been hours long. But life after hockey brought these guys to together to start Kompany39. To put it very briefly, Kompany39 creates a video that gives an entertaining and educational view of how the best hockey players in the world operate. Everything you need to know about K39 can be found in the link below.

Kompany39 Website


But anyways, these guys are going behind the scenes at the NHL All-Star Game and are teaming up with Joe Pavelski all weekend. Their instagram, which is linked below, has been on fire and I’m extremely jealous of their weekend in San Jose. The video they put together promoting Joe Pavelski (their first client) is awesome and honestly gave me chills. The guy is fucking rock star. Anyways, the link for their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are below for anyone who wants to give them a follow and not only learn more about their product, but to get a look at how the Sharks captain is spending his all-star weekend in his hometown.

@Kompany39 Instagram

@Kompany39 Twitter

Kompany39 Facebook



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