Regis McGuire Stinks.

I’m sure by now everyone has seen the clip of Pierre explaining how hockey works to Olympic Gold Medalist, Kendall Coyne Schofield. He is just so out of touch with everything that’s not NHL related. As a life long fan of hockey, I have to say that Regis (Pierre’s real name), is one of my least favorite things about the NHL. Anyone who changes/switches their name to sound more French Canadian is a complete douche. He is also from Englewood, NJ, not Englewood, NS. His personal tangents where he lists random hockey facts about players is very annoying. Nobody cares and nobody needs that info all game long. And if you are part of the 3% that enjoys his little outbursts than you’re full of shit too. It’s called hockeydb. I don’t need it from this loser all game long.

Here is the peak of the cringeworthy exchange between Regis and Kendall.

I would like to give Kendall credit for just rolling with the stupidity that Regis spewed. I’m sure she knew what she was getting into before she took the job. Regis is a bafoon and was going obviously going to say something completely stupid. For her first go at being an analyst, great job. It’s not easy being thrown into the lions den with one of the biggest idiots in sports. Great job Kendall. Hopefully we see more of you and less of Regis in the future!

And for everyone who disagrees with me, that’s fine. This is my opinion and you and Regis can go on living together listing off all the people that ever played hockey in Thunder Bay/shoots left handed/parents were beet farmers/had 3 or more siblings/grandmas who were born in March/and drove a pick up truck growing up. (I might’ve described the Staal family there…my bad.

But in all seriousness, I’ve never liked this guy. Numerous times I have heard false facts about players and I just cant stand the rabbit holes he goes down. The average fan can’t relate and that is how you lose people. I appreciate the passion and work ethic, but you are too much. I also have heard heard from reliable people that this opinion of mine is shared amongst players and others involved in the NHL.


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