Last Night Tony DeAngelo Showed Why He Should Be An Important Part of The Rangers Rebuild

What a game last night. After a decent first period the Rangers let the Bruins walk all over them before battling back in the third to tie it. Overtime was insane, maybe top 3 overtimes of the year in terms of being on the edge of your seat. The game went to a shootout where Tony DeAngelo went full Tony DeAngelo.

Ever since he was acquired you can could tell he has the skill. There was a reason why he was a first round pick, the guy can flat out play. He’s been scratched several times this year because of ”maturity issues” and plenty of Rangers bloggers don’t like him because of either his “immaturity”, his political views or the fact that he can play like an asshole. What makes me different from those bloggers is that those are the reasons I love him. Politically wise, I could give a shit. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you think that your opinion is better than another just because you’re you and you don’t agree then you sir are an asshole. Tony DeAngelo brings a bite to his game that Rangers fans haven’t seen since a Sean Avery or a Theo Fleury. Yeah, he might not be as aggressive as those two but this kid fucking hates losing, he hates fucking up a pass and he’s fearless. For example, last year he fought Wayne Simmonds.

Last night, him and Marchand were going at it the entire game and when Tony is involved, he plays better. Yes, there has been times where he’ll take a stupid penalty, but I think that plays into the “maturity factor” that coach Quinn has been talking about.

From the post:

DeAngelo was back in the lineup and on the top pair for the second straight game after sitting out a pair to deal with what Quinn now famously told The Post was “a maturity issue.” The young man played a mighty mature game while doing a fair amount of mouthing off to a reciprocal Boston bench that featured Brad Marchand. It was a performance that pleased Quinn.

“I want him pushing that envelope as far as he can without letting it get in the way of his performance or being a detriment to the team,” the coach said. “Marchand is as good at it in the league as there is. I’d take 100 Marchands.”

Not only is DeAngelo playing great hockey but he has even helped balance out a pair of himself and the tri state areas biggest traffic cone, Marc Staal.

I think this could be the beginning for Tony D becoming a legitimate top 4 defenseman. Having Quinn there to make sure he doesn’t go to far out of line is exactly what he needs, and by doing so will garner more trust from the coach. A player like DeAngelo needs to be on a short leash to truly learn wrong from right. I love the fact that there is open communication between the two of them as they both try to get every bit of potential out of 77. Last night was a big game for Tony and I’m looking forward to many more.

Author: Ked

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