I Need A NHLer To Try The Red Bull Crashed Ice Course

I’m pretty sure everyone has seen these maniacs go down the Red Bull Crashed Ice Cours.  I am pretty more sure that we have all said that we could/couldn’t do it. The video below shows to what appears to be some pretty mediocre to bad players giving it a shot. Some of the skaters look fairly strong while others look like they have a tough time standing up. This doesn’t do it justice. I need to see NHL players test this track out to give an idea of how hard this course actually is.

I am also smart to realize that it will never happen for insurance purposes, which is why I would propose to make this the official NHL tie breaker. Shoot outs are great, but could you imagine having one designated player from each team to head outside and complete the course? It would be wild and would certainly would draw some fresh faced viewers. Shit, maybe this could be a specialty player that only dresses for this one occasion.

Anyways, these are all just big dreams, but I would like to hear if any of you think that they could do this course. I guess the standard should be that it’s completed without falling?


PS: this needs to become an Olympic Sport!

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