The New Jersey Devils Need To Clean It Up

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I was talking to a good friend of mine, who is a die hard Devils (credit to Gibby), and he brought to my attention something that I think needs to be addressed….

The New Jersey Devils need to stop with the whole David Puddy character. He was in attendance last night when the Devils hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins. For anyone who doesn’t know, he is a character from the 90s TV show, Seinfeld, and remains to be a D-list celebrity that does some random commercials. But here he is, almost 25 years later still hangin onto the same old shtick. SMH.


I’m not sure what all 38 Devil fans think of this guy, but my only comparison is that he is the equivilance of the 1994 Stanley Cup for the New York Rangers. It was 25 years ago, let it go. It’s embarrassing and anyone who thinks it’s still funny to have a part time character from a 90s TV show run around the rink with face paint stinks as a person. The Devils Instagram said how could they lose with David Puddy pumping the team up? Pretty easily actually. Blowing two different leads at home with a grown man in face paint yelling like an ass. I would love to hear fans defend this guy…

That’s my peace about that.  Clean it up New Jersey, you’re better than that. Also, The Morning Skate could be getting a reputation for not being “fun” enough and bitter about these in game entertainment gimmicks. That’s fine because I know when something stinks and this Carolina and New Jersey crap stinks!


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