The Betting Crashers Tough And Rough Weekend Plays

Papa and Chambsy have been so busy (mostly Papa) that we haven’t blogged our picks in awhile. Last weekend was shaky given the trade deadline and teams with some new looks. But if you listen to the podcast, linked below, you will never miss a weekend play by the both of us.

Weekend Favorite, Puppy, O/U

Papa’s Favorite: Saturday 7pm, Pittsburgh Penguins at Montreal Canadiens: Pitt ML

Chambsy’s Favorite: Saturday 1pm, Edmonton Oilers at Columbus Blue Jackets: Jackets ML

Papa’s Dog: Saturday 10pm, Minnesota Wild at Calgary Flames: Wild ML

Chambsy’s Dog: Saturday 7pm, Ottawa Senators at Tampa Bay Lightning: Senators ML

Papa’s Under: Saturday 8pm, Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues: Under 5.5/6

Chambsy’s Under: Sunday 3pm, Philadelpia Flyers at New York Islanders: Under 5.5/6

Weekend Parlay

Papa’s Parlay: Sunday: Capitals, Islanders, Golden Knights

Chambsy’s Parlay: Sunday: Panthers, Blue Jackets, Flyers

Friday SEND IT

Papa’s SEND IT: Canadiens, Penguins, Flyers, Capitals, Blues, Jets, Knights, Sharks

Chambsy’s SEND IT: Flyers, Canadiens, Penguins, Hurricanes, Islanders, Predators, Sharks, Knights

Good luck to all! Let’s have ourselves a weekend!


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