Game of Thrones: NHL Playoff Starting Lineup

Guys, we have the biggest Sunday of the year coming up. Why? Because it’s the last season of Game of Thrones and I am torqued. Yes, I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan and no I’m not a loser. If you don’t like dragons, T&A or white walkers then you need to take a lap. Spring is here, meaning playoff hockey is about to start. So why not mix the best of both worlds? Here is your NHL Starting lineup of Game of Thrones lookalikes.

RW- Patrik Laine



The resemblance is uncanny. Yes, Brienne might not be sporting a beard now, but both individuals are incredible powerful at what they do. Watch for both of these weapons to make quite the scene come playoff time.

C- Joe Thornton

joe thornton


Jumbo Joe seems to be a fun guy in the locker room. He’s an experienced veteran and clearly has seen some shit. He seems to have his own sense of humor and is very well respected around the league. Who does that sound like? My favorite character, Tormund. Tormund is one of the best fighters and goes to battle no if ands or butts. While they might be goofy, you definitely don’t want to fuck with either of them. Also, this is pretty easy considering they have the same beard– Just different colors.

LW- Tyler Seguin



The old King of the North. Robb Stark was young, dashing and super talented. He led at a young age and his people went to war from him. Tyler Seguin is the same person. So much money, so much skill, and a ladies man. Fucking guy has tattoos for days and sends out a bat signal every time he goes on a Canadian trip, shoutout Chicletts. Tyler, you are the King of Texas. Porkchops, high school football, and Dallas Stars playoff hockey.

D- Seth Jones



Is there a more quiet but absolutely lethal defenseman in the league?. He’s young, skilled and one of the best American Defenseman there is. So is Grey Worm. Grey Worm is the first on the ground for his Queen and is always trusted. Will Seth Jones be able to lead Columbus to their first playoff series win? Only time will tell.

D- Torey Krug



Krug and Marchand always bust each other’s balls about who is shorter, well you know what Torey– it’s you. You’re short, you see the ice better than almost anyone and you like to party. Who does that sound like? Tyrion Lannister. BOOM. He’s small, he wheels, he likes booze and the guy has vision. Tyrion looks like he’d be a Michigan State guy too.

G- Tuukka Rask



Now Tuukka has won plenty of playoff series, and even a Cup backing up Tim Thomas. However, Bruins fans seem to get on him for a lot of stuff even though he’s a top 10 goalie in the game. Theon Greyjoy has been through similar things. Most GoT fans don’t like him because of his betrayal towards Robb Stark, but the guy is still alive and now he’s fighting for the right side. I believe, he will play a serious role in the fight against the White Walkers, just like Tuuka will against the leafs.

We’re down 1 with a minute to go. Time to pull the goalie and get another guy out there. Who should we choose? We might have picked all current NHL playoff players but I think in this case you need a legend. Oh my god is it…? It can’t be…

Jaromir Jagr



Heroes come and go but legends are forever. I fucking miss Jags man. It’s been a year since we saw this freak of nature take NHL ice and I just wish he was still playing. Tobias Reider and Valeri Nichushkin did not score a goal this year. Jags scores goals in his sleep. He’s accomplished more than anyone in the game all while rocking some serious lettuce. Jon Snow was Lord Commander, killed White Walkers and is now the King of the North. Down a goal, you put Jagr on the ice- or in this case, Jon Snow.

This Sunday is going to be awesome and I can’t wait. Playoff hockey starts Wednesday, and I for one haven’t been this excited in a long ass time.

Author: Ked

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