The NHL Draft Lottery is Tonight For Those Whose Favorite Teams Bite The Big One

It’s a tough pill to swallow having to look forward to a draft lottery instead of the NHL playoffs but here I am. Hal even said on this weeks podcast that if you’re surfing the net for that it should be a red flag that your team sucks. The fact that I’ve hit the simulator button on this thing in hopes that the Rangers get the first pick in mind is hopeful and in others pathetic.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 10.17.43 AM.png

At 8 o’clock on NBCSN someones franchise will change. Somebody will have that first overall pick and someone will draft Jack Hughes. Because of my luck and the Rangers luck in the past, the Rangers will draft lower than 6th, perhaps 7th or 8th and I’ll be left with another top tier 3rd liner. Look at this stat:

Unreal. The boys are due. I’m due. Rangers fans are due. If you’re reading this you probably think your team is due, unless you’re an Edmonton fan because they’ll just screw it up.

Where is your team? Who do you want them realistically to choose? After Hughes and Kakko, there seems to be a pretty big drop off so get prepared to listen to some people pretend to know who is who and what is what after watching 20+ GIFs of them playing junior hockey in Canada throughout the course of the year. Experts man, experts.

PS. I wish I was a Colorado fan right about now. They have to be living the god damn dream.

Author: Ked

1st line thoughts with a 4th line heart. Hope you guys enjoy the site and let us know what we can do to make it better. ALWAYS remember-- When in doubt, glass and out.

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