Slava Voynov Suspended Next Year For ‘Unacceptable Off-Ice Conduct’

Over the last few months we’ve heard rumblings about Slava Voynov wanting to come back to the NHL. If you live under a rock you wouldn’t know that back in 2014 Slava Voynov attacked his wife leaving blood all over the bedroom and bathroom of his multi-million dollar home. He plead no contest to a misdemeanor charge of corporal injury and spent 2 months in jail. The LA Kings terminated his contract and he went back to Russia where he would play in the KHL and the Olympics. Fast forward to 2019 and this piece of fecal matter wants to play in the NHL again.

I believe people make mistakes and deserve second chances, to an extent. People can become better, people can change, but one thing I don’t tolerate is physically assaulting women. I’d believe that others were brought up with these type of morals but every time we hear or see a story like this it makes me question society. We’ve seen this time and time again in the NFL and now a couple of times in the NHL with Voynov and Austin Watson making the news. The whole thing makes me sick.

I don’t think Voynov will ever play another game in the NHL. Yeah, he’s only suspended for a year, but imagine the PR nightmare an NHL team would take in if they allowed Voynov to join their team. I would assume 99% of NHL players would hold a personal grudge against someone like this and I just don’t think its feasible to say Voynov would do more good than harm. I guess we’ll see but regardless I hate seeing this guys name in the news. Scumbag city population that guy.

Author: Ked

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