NHL Playoffs: Round Two Odds/Picks

After a solid start in the first round, going 2-1, I have decided to give my picks for the next four series in round 2. I can thank the refs for my only hiccup, because I took the Knights in the series against the Sharks. These once again are not my picks of who I think is the better team, just my opinion of who you should bet given the odds. And after the first round we had, you can throw any stats out the window on who the better team is. Please follow @bettingcrashers for game picks every night. I have been trying steer clear of picking winners since the playoffs are clearly too volatile.

Columbus Blue Jackets vs Boston Bruins: Jackets to win series +132


I know I’m the genius that picked the Jackets to beat the Lightning last round, but this series should be much much tighter. The Bruins are coming off a high of beating a solid Leafs team in game 7. The Bruins have arguably the best line in hockey right now and have proven to be a gutsy team that won’t die. With that being said, the Blue Jackets are that team too except they have a much deeper offense and defense (Seth Jones is my favorite defenseman in the league). Both goalies played equally well so I don’t see much advantage for either team. The Jackets can play that heavy game that the Leafs couldn’t which is why I love the Jackets at plus money. This team is no joke when they clicking and I don’t see the Bruins being able to edge them out in a 7 games series.

Prediction: Blue Jackets in 6

Dallas Stars vs St. Louis Blues: Blues to win series -160


I do think these odds are a bit outrageous for the Blues, but I think they should win this series. Again this is another team that can play a heavy game and I’m not convinced Dallas can keep up. The Stars played a great series against a softer Predators team. The Blues just smacked the Jets, who I thought was a team that is built to make deep playoff runs. Again, it’s that pesky, heavy, and special teams dominating performance that the Blues can play that will win them this series. Also, like I said with the Lightning. Once the Rangers involve themselves in your success, you’re doomed to fail If Stars win this series, then they will give their first round pick to the Rangers. This won’t happen. Trust me.

Prediction: Blues in 5

Carolina Hurricanes vs NY Islanders: Islanders to win series -120


The Carolina Hurricanes played a great series agains the Capitals. But let’s face it, this wasn’t the same Caps team as last year. What was the difference? Barry FUCKING Trotz. This guy might be on my list of top 3 coaches of all time. What he did with the Predators as an expansion team, bringing a cup to Washington, and now coming to Long Island to possibly bring this team to a conference final is unbelievable. I will never bet against this guy. This series however might not be as easy as Pittsburgh. The Canes play that heavy game too. The Islanders have some injuries and lost the home ice advantage in the coliseum. I still trust Barry though.

Prediction: Islanders in 6

Colorado Avalanche vs San Jose Sharks: Sharks to win series -155


I have no idea of what will happen this series. I just don’t think the Avalanche have the depth to beat the Sharks in a 7 game series. They have the best player in hockey (MacKinnon) and have a great top line. San Jose has depth up front, dynamic defensemen, and Jones who played great last series against Vegas. This has been an absolute shit show of a playoffs for the best and this could honestly go either way. But the Avalanche are only +125 to win the series and that’s just not worth it in my opinion.

Prediction: Sharks in 7

Goodluck to all!


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