Adam Fox To The New York Rangers

When the news hit yesterday that the New York Rangers traded for the rights of Harvard defenseman Adam Fox, I cringed with excitement and fear. I knew it wasn’t realistic to wait this kids Carolina contract out. To many things can happen when you become too patient and I am happy to see that the New York Rangers were a little aggressive with getting a talented young defenseman. I was just worried the Rangers would overpay to get him to NY.

The Rangers dished Carolina their 2019 second round pick (37th overall) and a 2020 third round conditional pick. It will become a second if Fox plays more than 30 games with the Rangers. This is very fair and a trade I can live with. Especially because the Rangers still have pieces that can be dealt for picks if need be.

So what does this kid bring to the Rangers? Fox is without a doubt gifted offensively (9 goals, 39 assists during his junior year at Harvard). Hopefully this right handed D-man can continue his offensive prowess from the back end. Something the Rangers have been craving for the past few years and failed to get out of Shattenkirk. Fox will be playing in the World Championships and will allow the Rangers organization and fans an opportunity to see what talents he really has. If he is delivers anything close to the hype surrounding him, Fox, without a doubt, pushes this team further along the rebuild road and closer to a playoff contender.

Also this acquisition definitely says something about the Rangers management. They will be aggressive and smart about this ongoing process. For those that think the Rangers should have waited, you’re wrong. Rangers avoided a bidding war leading to overpayment if they waited until 2020. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the New York Rangers. I am extremely excited to see how they handle the off-season with all the talent that will be available.


Confession: I was against signing Panarin for some odd reason. I just didn’t trust him. But after the playoffs he has had, please get this guy in a Rangers sweater ASAP!

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