FanDuel Just Cucked The NHL Refs

For everyone who took the St. Louis Blues over the San Jose Sharks in game 3, good news, you get your money back. If you fell victim to the controversial hand pass goal, FanDuel is making it whole. That’s a hell of a move for FanDuel and an odd one at that. Will this be the new standard? If the refs clearly botch a call in any sport, will the gambler always get their money back? Here’s the tweet put out by FanDuel announcing there decision…

I know I would be happy if I took the Blues and got my money back, but this is a weird concept. I feel like there are so many games that the outcome is dictated by a questionable call. There is no doubt in my mind that the refs completely missed that hand pass, but what about Perron scoring after he clearly shot it out of the rink? Where is the line drawn? How consistent will book makers be within this concept? I’m all for getting the call right and I applaud FanDuel for this move, but this makes for an interesting path going forward.


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