Great Britain Defeats France In IIHF Tourney

Shout out to our brother across the pond for a huge win in the IIHF tournament. Great Britain defeated France this morning (EST) in a thrilling OT game. GB came back from an 0-3 deficit half way through the game. After rallying back and tying the game, Ben Davies scored after a corner pass feed from GB Captain, Jonathan Phillips.

This may seem like an uneventful game for most of the world, but this had huge implications for Great Britain and France. The winner, now Great Britain, gets to stay in the top division in next years IIHF World Championship tournament. France will have to drop down next year and win the lower division in order to get back into the top division.

Good for Great Britain. I had a friend in college from England and I always wondered how popular hockey was in their country. Hopefully today it’s a little more popular. It’s always fun as a hockey fan to see countries like Great Britain gain some recognition at a tournament like this. I know it’s not the Olympics and not al the top players participate, but this is still an awesome feat and great for the game. I know France bested GB last time they played so maybe this will start a little hockey buzz between the two countries.

-Papa Whales

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