Stanley Cup Final Pick Heading Into Memorial Day Weekend

For anyone who has been tailing these series picks, you’re welcome. 6-3 record heading into the Stanley Cup Final isn’t too shabby. Also, two of my losses were plus money bets so not bad at all. Anyways here is my breakdown for the 2019 Stanley Cup Final.


St. Louis Blues vs Boston Bruins: Bruins to win series at -150

The Blues to win the series is +128 (meh). I love this bet for a few reasons. First, the line should me much higher. I would say -175 is more realistic. This would then push the Blues into then+160 realm which would change my bet for sure. Second, there’s a lot of Blues hype which is working in favor of my pick. Also, -150 allows for a great hedge opportunity if the Bruins grab game 1. We all know the players and all know what these two teams bring to the table so here is my brief breakdown of why I like the Bruins at -150.

OffenseThe Bruins have the best line in hockey. They have the supporting cast right behind them. Bruins will be able to throw that physical game right back at the Blues. Everyone thought Carolina would keep up (including myself) but they couldn’t. Boston destroyed them. I’m giving the edge to Bruins here because they have proven talent and I don’t think the Blues can win a 7 games series with Jaden Schwartz as their offensive prowess. I’m not knocking Jaden. He’s my favorite player in the league. But let’s face it. The Blues role players are playing great and that won’t be enough for St. Louis to beat Boston 4 games.


Defense: I actually like the Blues defense core. Bortuzzo looks like he can’t skate but I guess he’s effective. Boston has some talented dmen as well so I’m going to say this area isn’t an advantage for either team. I will say that both teams will have to play smart defense which can be difficult with the physical game both teams play. When you get worn down mental mistakes happen and that means the defensemen need to make quick simple decisions.


Goaltending: This might be controversial to say, but I don’t care. Binnington was great last series because he stopped the shots he needed to stop. The Sharks had moments but never sustained anything offensively which made it easy for Binnington to be “great.” Let’s see how he does against the big boys of Boston. This will be a real test. Rask on the other hand is playing great and had to play great. He stole multiple wins this playoff run and has proven to be the favorite for a Conn Smythe so far. Rask has played so well that even compared to the great play of Binnington, the Bruins still have a clear advantage here in goaltending.


That’s my analysis going into the final. This blog might me sound like a Boston homer but I can’t stand Boston. I would the love Blues to win, which moves me right into my next point. If you find yourself emotionally vested in this series. Bet against those emotions. Taking Bruins here helps ease the pain of another Boston parade. So with that being said PLAY GLORIA!

play gloria.jpg

Goodluck and enjoy the weekend.


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