Betting Tips For Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final

As sad as it might seem, tomorrow is the last game of the season. But boy oh boy should this game be awesome. The Bruins and Blues have been on a hell of run and it’s only appropriate that the cup will be decided by a game 7. If you plan on betting this game here are a few things to look for regarding the history of game 7s and past results by Boston and St. Louis.

Current Lines:

Bruins ML -160

Blues ML +135

Over 5.5 +125

Under 5.5 -145

All time game 7 record:

Bruins: 15-12 .556 winning percentage

Blues: 9-8 .529 winning percentage

Statistical Record:

Home Team vs Away Team: 46-38 (since 2000)

Over vs Under: 26-56 (since 2000)

The team that wins game 6 on the road has won the Stanley Cup 4 of last 5. That would be the Bruins in this case. Also, the Bruins won game 6 at home in 2011 and beat Vancouver on the road in game 7 to win the Stanley Cup.

A huge factor heading into this game is experience. The Bruins own the majority of game 7 experience by a landslide with 47 game 7s played within the club. The Blues have 8 total prior to this playoff run. The Blues won game 7 against the Stars earlier this playoffs.

When it comes down to statistics, everything thing comes up Boston. When it comes to how chaotic this season has been, the Blues should be the pick. But bettors bet with stats and gamblers bet with emotions. I for one bet the Bruins prior to the series opener. Statistically I love them in every category. Emotionally I want the Blues to win and it just seems that with the way this season has gone so far, that it is certainly possible.

So if I can give any advice, I would say stick to the over/under play. Game 7s are always tight and as previously noted, the O/U record speaks for itself. Under 5.5 is easily the way to go for game 7. I know it’s never fun to bet the under, but it is by far the smartest play. The Bruins are a little overpriced for my liking, but that’s to be expected. I’m glad I got them at a better price heading into the series. But good luck to everyone throwing coin on what should be one of the more historical games in recent history.


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