The Blues Need To Retire Gloria

I want to start this blog by congratulating the St. Louis Blues on one hell of a season. To be dead last in the league and to grind your way into the NHL playoffs is impressive enough. But to actually win the cup after all they went through this year is truly incredible. I was going to write a blog about their season, but there are already a million of those out there. We all know the stories and we all (except Boston fans) were happy to see someone finally take down a team from Boston. But here is a bit of advice…

Retire the Gloria song with this season….


There are so many things that are annoying about the NHL and pushing things that should have a short life span is one of them. The Gloria song is a perfect example of how the league overdoes it. We get it. It was a song that represents the turning point the season. It’s a fun, catchy song that fans can sing along too. “Play Gloria” was a cool catch phrase all playoff long. But the Blues won the cup. Mission accomplished. The Gloria song should end with this season because if this continues into the future, the St. Louis Blues will turn into the most annoying team in the NHL.  This season was historical and it was your first cup ever. But you’ll never capture this feeling again no matter what you do. So do not die on the Gloria hill.

gloria shirt

I’m sure a lot of people will disagree (although I haven’t met a person yet who differs in opinion). Retire the song and don’t turn into the Carolina Hurricanes where they find a little bit of steam with a gimmick and decide to run with it until they run right off the cliff and crash with all the other “cool ideas.” The after game celebrations along with Gloria start off fun, but slowly grow tiresome and annoying. I’ve always loved the St. Louis Blues and want to continue being a fan, but if “Play Gloria” starts into next year, they will become my sworn enemy. Have some self-awareness. Don’t be that fan base and don’t allow the NHL and Bettman turn this song into the identity of the Blues. It has already started with all the Gloria merchandise and radio stations just playing Gloria. Let  the grit and heart of this team be the identity. Don’t let a silly song become the face of this great franchise.


So play Gloria all you want this summer, but come October, it’s done. You’re the defending champs now. Onto the next one.


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