Alex Ovechkin Gets His Own Cereal

NHL– Giant Food, the leading greater Washington D.C. regional grocery chain and official grocery sponsor of the Washington Capitals, today announced a collaboration with Washington Capitals Captain Alex Ovechkin to release a limited-edition Ovi’ O’s cereal. The honey nut cereal will be available starting Sept. 17, Ovechkin’s birthday, while supplies last.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of Ovi O’s will benefit the Maryland-based Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc. a non-profit that is committed to funding locally-based researchers, programs and facilities until every child is assured a healthy future.

cut (1).png

I always say, you know you’ve truly made it if your name is either in a rap song or if you’re on a cereal box. Like can you imagine being on the cover of a cereal box or having a cereal named after you? Every kid who goes grocery shopping is going to walk down an aisle and see your ugly mug chillin, face level, about to be purchased. AWESOME stuff.

Having said all this, to we really think OV was a part of the cereal process? This is a guy who keeps Coca Cola on the bench and you’re telling me that if he had to pick a cereal to make that it wouldn’t be LOADED with marshmallows, chocolate or any other fine tasting foods. I get that its for the kids and provides a healthy alternative but it would’ve been interesting to see what cereal a guy who mixes pasta sauce would actually want.

Author: Ked

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