NJ Devils Let Fans Vote For Their 2019 Goal Song

I have to give credit where credit is due. The Devils organization is a perfect representation of their fan base. There aren’t words to describe it, you just have to go to a game to experience for yourself. I can’t fully rip on them, because the Devils have been way more successful in my lifetime than my pathetic Rangers. But the other day they announced that they will let the fans vote for the teams next goal song and this is going to be very, very entertaining. Click the link below to nominate your goal song.

Link To Nominate Goal Song

From September 4-8th Devil fans, or I guess anyone, can nominate their favorite song to be chosen. Then, from September 9-12th the fans vote for the top 3. The voting continues Sept 13 through October 1 for the final pick. I can only imagine what the list of songs entail. I honestly might puke if they pick a Bruce Springsteen song. Could you imagine Taylor Hall banging home a playoff overtime game winner from a feed from Hughes, and the fucking Boss comes on? Give me a break. I remember a few years ago, JBJ hit the speakers after a goal was scored and the fans booed. The New Jersey Devils goal song has been on ongoing saga for as long as I can remember, which makes this whole thing that much better.


I came across the article that puts Gaslight Anthem as the heavy frontrunner, but if this is a fan based vote, God only knows what will get picked. If Devil fans have any credibility they will pick either Cardi B or Nicki Minaj. You’re the Devils, you need an anthem that will literally light the building on fire….

-Papa Whales



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